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Welcome to Faculty of Law and Public Affairs of Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia (PUC-FLPA). As you consider the pursuit of a legal education and a career in law, the first major decision you will face is the choice of a law school. Choosing a law school is a difficult, but it is significant decision for your future career. Therefore, I urge you to consider the kind of community you want to join PUC-FLPA, a law school which offers the best fit for you and cares about your future.

PUC-FLPA is a great place to study laws:

We strive to deliver quality of legal education that is attainable by, and responsive to the needs of, the people of Cambodia and the global community. We place special emphasis on research and studies in law, social justice, and policy.

As a school of law, our mission is to produce the wide range of human resources for the 21st century through a curriculum grounded in the principles of multidisciplinarism, internationalism, and pioneerism.

We have quite a long established and internationally recognized reputation for excellence in teaching law in English. Our faculty members care about their teaching and see students as a priority. We welcome students of all backgrounds.

At PUC-FLPA, you’ll find all faculty members have enriched knowledge and experience locally and internationally. All of our faculty members have “real world” experience that they bring to the classroom and to the rest of the student-centered environment. Some have practiced with foreign law firms, some have judicial experience, some have corporate experience, and others have governmental legal experience.

We believe PUC-FLPA provides a unique opportunity for a quality of legal education. But rather than just telling people how we are doing things differently and better, we are committed to making it obvious that we are student-centered and devoted to preparing students for entry into the profession.

PUC-FLPA has established a Legal Clinic Program, known as PUCLC to provide hands-on training for law and non-law students in legal education and practice. The PUCLC's long-term vision is to in still and sustain an ethical legal conscience and to enrich and enhance legal knowledge and practical skills including client counselling, trial advocacy, and ADR. The ultimate goal is to produce capable and sensible citizens who can serve justice in Cambodia.

PUC-FLPA has established a Law, Social Justice, and Policy Research Program (LSJPRP) to research on law, social justice and policy issues. LSJPRP's long-term vision is to help develop and enrich research skills among students, faculty members and scholars; and; contribute to the development of law, social justice and policy in Cambodia and the global community.

PUC-FLPA has also provided Continuing Legal Education and Career and Internship Services to law students and those who are interested in further developing their legal knowledge, skills and professionalism.

We hope that this Prospectus is useful and informative for those who are interested in our law school. We welcome and invite to be part of our law community.

Dr. KONG Phallack


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