Oun Retra

Legal Assistant at DBLS Law Office (LL.M. student)

This programme provides opportunities for students to learn from both national and international professors who come from different backgrounds and have extensive knowledge and experiences in human rights.





Hun Seanghak

Coordinator for Fair Trial Programme at Cambodia Center for Human Rights (LL.M. student)

This programme fits with civil society. It provides an in-depth knowledge of human rights, in particular fair trial rights which I am working on. In my work, I can use my obtained knowledge to spread to other students at universities in the city as well as in the provinces. In addition I can assist the government how to apply laws in line with international human rights standards.






Phou Laysun

Student at Royal Academy for Judicial Professions (LL.M. student)

My critical thinking and knowledge on human rights have noticeably been improved from this LL.M. programme. Moreover, this programme provides other crosscutting knowledge and skills, such as dispute resolution, business law, and environmental issues and so on.



Khun Sovannetra

Deputy Director of Human Resources Development at the Secretariat General of the Senate of Cambodia (LL.M. student)

Attending this programme allowed students to study not only the theory of human rights law, but also to do some practical work through field visits. This allows students to see the concrete situation in society and identify the practical problems. This inspires students to find a specific topic related to human rights on which they wish to write in their thesis or report.






Mor Socheath

Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (LL.M. student)

This programme has improved my substantive knowledge on both domestic laws and international laws related to human rights. This knowledge is helpful for me and my team to work on drafting MoU and international agreements, particularly related to the prevention of human trafficking, the control of immigration, protection of domestic workers, that are concluded between Cambodia and other nations.